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Venue Coordinator vs Day of Coordinator

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Our first real blog post is dedicated to a topic we are very passionate about… the difference between a venue coordinator and a day of wedding coordinator. Most couples start their wedding planning process with a very simple question “do I need a wedding planner?”. There’s no doubt both a venue coordinator and wedding planner play important roles and want to see your wedding go off without a hitch. While there is some overlap in responsibility, there are also some very large differences between the two. Below are a few key points in how they differ.

Venue Coordinator:

  • A venue coordinators main area of responsibility is executing the events that will take place at your venue. For you that may be just your cocktail hour and reception, but it may also include the ceremony, after party, etc.

  • Depending on the venue, a coordinator may also reach out to vendors to confirm their arrival time, share setup details, and share a reception timeline.

Day of Wedding Coordinator:

  • A day of coordinators responsibility is to ensure your entire wedding day runs smoothly. You can expect a day of coordinator to put together a timeline for your full wedding day – from the start of the day with hair and makeup through the end of your reception.

  • Your wedding coordinator will also reach out to confirm all your vendors and their specific details. For example, how many chairs your hair/makeup artists will require, what entrance your bridal party should use to get on the shuttle and coordinate your first look.

What’s the biggest difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator?

A venue coordinator is there to ensure things go smoothly with your venue. In order to have a successful wedding day, each vendor needs to be focused on their part of the big day. Your venue needs to ensure everything is setup prior to your arrival and staff are ready to serve your guests. Your photographer needs to have their equipment and shot list to work from. Your DJ needs to know the order of events and have your first dance song. Your wedding coordinator will connect all the dots. We create a master timeline that encompasses all vendor details.

The other main detail, is your wedding coordinator is the main problem solver, should a problem arise. Your venue coordinator won’t be calling the transportation company if one of your busses breaks down (true story!). If you’re doing a first look, your venue coordinator may not assist. Your wedding coordinator or planner will be doing all of that and more!

Though we want to make it clear how a venue coordinator and wedding planner differ, it’s also important to note that the venue coordinator is the expert on your venue. A good wedding planner and venue coordinator should work together seamlessly to make your day a success… two is better than one! :) Selecting a great vendor team is important because it takes teamwork to execute the wedding of your dreams.


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